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Meet and Mentor has been such a positive experience for my daughter. She absolutely loves her job and her learners. But most importantly...the mentorship that she receives from the team has been incredible. You have given her so much love, support, and encouragement. You have given her confidence in her skills and passion and in her weaknesses. You continually build her up as a mentor, person, and as a child of God. I know you are her employer and I shouldn't pull the mom card, but i am pulling the mom card because I really want to thank you for the impact that you have made. She is a stronger woman because of you and I am eternally grateful.

Christina Barber Shultz

They are very professional and caring. Love that they offer several services. Our son receives speech therapy and she is great and he loves her and learns a lot( with a reasonable fee) thank you so much .

Michaela Armand

I can not thank Ms.Lindsey, Ms. Tammy, Ms. Alison, Ms. Cameron, Ms. Sam enough for the love of learning they gave to my kids. My kids did not like the stress of going to school and then we found Meet and Mentor. They would wake up everyday excited to go to school. They wanted to go everyday! Now that we had to move, meet and mentor is still there for us when we need it.

Sheri Medina
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