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Everyday Math (The Math Experience)

Math for Me 1 - This mathematics course will include a broad range of knowledge and skills at a foundational level in the areas of Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, Data Probability, Patterning and Algebra 

Math for Me 2 – This mathematics course will build upon foundational skills in Math for Me 1. It will include areas of Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, Data Probability, Patterning and Algebra. 

Math for Me 3 -This mathematics course will increase proficiency in essential mathematics skills, while introducing students to pre-algebra and geometric concepts. Problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills will also be stressed in a cooperative learning environment.

Everyday Finance - You will learn the basics of financial literacy and banking in this course. Topics covered include: bad debt, importance of spending plans, non-traditional financial services, being an informed consumer, buying stocks, sell strategy, mutual fund options, investing in education, planning for the future, purchasing your first home, taxes and tax planning, life insurance options, health insurance, property insurance, estate planning, and keeping money in perspective.

Pre-Algebra - Learners are expected to be proficient in general computational mathematics. Besides learning equation solving and simplification of algebraic expressions, students will also work with geometric concepts. This course strives to foster improvement in problem-solving

skills, problem analysis, and independent thinking..

Algebra - This course builds upon Pre-Algebra. It will require a keen aptitude for problem solving and abstract concepts.