Educational Statement of Beliefs

  1. We are mentors, guides, advisors, and true educators.
  2. We see the child as a whole person and seek to educate and develop their personal, social, emotional, and physical well-being.
  3. Children naturally learn through play.
  4. ALL Children have natural gifts that make them unique.
  5. Children must be encouraged to seek and discover their passion.
  6. Character always comes first.
  7. Creativity and imagination are a priority, as this lays the foundation for achievement.
  8. Children should be given the opportunity to discover how they learn best.
  9. Developing life-long learners and those who love the learning process come first and the academic skill set will follow.  
  10. Interests should be included in curriculum to support and encourage their dreams.
  11. Emotional intelligence is equally if not more important than academic intelligence.
  12. Every child must have positive family support to achieve.
  13. Children need a mentor to continue to inspire them.
  14. Letter grades tell little about intelligence and what children truly know.
  15. Children should be able to demonstrate concept mastery via assessments that align with their gifts of strength in their own Learning Portfolio.
  16. Family enrichment activities and real-world experiences are more important than a workbook page.
  17. A student that comes to enjoy learning will pass standardized tests effortlessly.
  18. Children need love and compassion always.
  19. Labels aid research; they “stain” a child.
  20. Focusing on the heart of a child and what they love will bring success in all that they do.