Lindsey Burnside




Learning and Teaching

The Development of a Child’s Mind

How Children Learn

Social, Emotional, & Personal Growth


            Lindsey started teaching when she was in elementary school right here in Port Orange, where she created her own unique classroom with her cousin and stuffed animals. At ten years old, her dream was to become a teacher. In high school she attended the Teacher Academy Magnet Program in West Palm Beach, where she received college credit and priceless experience that allowed her to develop her philosophies at a young age. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with TESOL endorsement and a minor in Psychology, her interest in the child’s developing mind and how they learn became her passion. She taught for five years in the private sector offering another unique experience where Lindsey was able to use her gifts to teach all grade levels, lead her peer teachers, assist the director with other administrative duties, and most importantly grow in relationship with the community. Her love for learning grew and soon she began taking her Gifted Endorsement, and pursuing her Master’s in Educational Leadership.

            Education overflows within every aspect of Lindsey’s life, as her husband is also in the field- teaching high school. Having education as her background, and the love for her own two children, Lindsey opened M.E.E.T. & Mentor in 2014, a community venture to bring a love back to learning and awareness of how special every child is.