1. Are you a real school? 

No, we are real learning. We are an educational service organization or a community learning center, whichever  you choose, but  we are not a typical 8am-2pm school where you are assigned a class, given letter grades, and forced to learn the same material at the same time as every other child in the class. We are a place of private, personalized learning. We give you the opportunity to share with us about your family and child in a more holistic manner through our family meeting and learning profile process. We then begin to see how you can be given the best education possible focusing in on passion and interests. 

One of our programs, ENRICH  is for homeschoolers looking for a group setting and a passionate, purposeful, and personalized learning program. All students must be registered homeschoolers with Volusia County. 

2. What is the difference between a tutor and a mentor? 

A tutor focuses on the skills that a child is struggling in to help bring up their grade. A mentor focuses on helping the whole child, who they are, and what their interests are to incorporate into their learning. A mentor guides the child, their family, and even their teacher if in public school to become partners on the same team for the success of the child. Mentors will be there every step of the way. We hope to become a life-long friend and guide on the child's educational journey, whether in our program or on their way to college! 

3. Do you have to attend all day? 

No. We do have our daily ENRICH program offered 2-4 days a week, but other options as well. We will provide a calendar of enrichment clusters or workshops that you can choose to attend. If your family, child, or school is in need of individual academic mentoring, this is also an option. We will find a mentor that best fits your needs to help guide you on your educational journey.

4. What are enrichment clusters?

Enrichment clusters are groups of children that are interested in the same topic. This is just like a club, such as "Chess Club," "Literacy Club," etc. We will use these clusters to enrich a child's educational experience and pursue their passion while learning necessary skills along the way! 

5. What makes you different?

We are in love with learning.  We believe in pursuing your passion. We believe in dreams. We believe academic success is a team effort. We believe emotional intelligence rates higher than academic intelligence; therefore, this becomes a priority and is woven into the academic curriculum. We believe that children learn with a more personal guide by their side allowing room for a blossoming of independence, imagination, and so much more! 

6. What are the homeschooling laws in Florida and can your organization meet them? 

Please visit Florida Parents' Educators Association @ http://fpea.com/about-homeschooling/requirements. 

If enrolled in our ENRICH program, your child is a homeschooling student and coming to us for supplemental enrichment. We are meant to be your guide; however, we can provide the complete curriculum when attending 4 days a week. 

7. Are your mentors certified to teach?

Some are certified through the state, and some are certified through our training programs. All are passionate about what they teach and have been background checked, as well as, drug tested.  All mentors go through a rigorous mentor orientation process.