Online Course Listings

 Math Courses  Language Courses

Multiplication Madness: Learning the Foundations of Multiplication

Mentor: Ms. Lindsey 

Word Dive: Diving Into Depth with Words and their meanings

Mentor: Ms. Lindsey 

Kitchen Connections:

Using Math in the Kitchen

Mentor: Ms. Lindsey

I Need to Remember This: A Notetaking Course 

Mentor: Ms. Lindsey

Finance Can be Fun: Learning how to track spending and stay organized

Mentor: Ms. Lindsey

Show, don't Tell: Why we Need Detail 


Mentor: Ms. Lindsey

 Social Foundation Courses 

It's time to Have a Conversation!:                Teaching Communication Basics 

R is a powerful letter!: Respect, Responsibility, and Reflection


Each course is 4 weeks long/one video lesson a week along with assignments that will be done over the week. There will be a check in time with both parent/child to determine how weekly assignments went.

Before beginning a course, your child will meet with mentor to determine needs. These lessons/assignments will take into consideration what may be needed for ultimate learning and growing to take place. This is meant to be a supplement to your child's learning experience and to "coach" you through your homeschooling journey in addition to teaching life skills.

All online mini-courses are $100 as this is a more personalized format for child/family. :) 

These course options will be continually updated.