Personalized Parties

What does a Personalized Party mean? 
Just as we get to know your child personally, here at M.E.E.T. & Mentor and personalize curriculum, we will also use their interests to personalize a party, in addition to meeting the parent's planning needs. Some families may want a themed cake, others may want a basic party cake. Some families may want digital invitations, where some may want paper. We will customize according to the family's needs, which is why a consultation is needed, and a personalized quote will be sent depending on the needs. 
For example,  The child may love to draw, especially favorite characters from books and movies. For this birthday party we worked to include his passion by having a costume party! Each guest might come dressed as their favorite character from a book or movie. At the party the children drew self portraits of themselves in their costume and used a variety of craft supplies to add color and embellishments to their portrait. We also might have a character costume parade, photo booth, and read one of the child's favorite books! 
Another example might be a Princess themed Tea Party where a princess actually hosts the party! The child tells us what they like, and we get creative. You might use our rooms, or we may come to the home. This will all be discussed in the consultation. 
Look forward to sharing this special day with your child and giving you a chance to be relieved of planning stress! :)